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A Mano

We work with the best vineyards and do everything possible to maintain the purity of their flavors. Tradition is vital in Puglia, and our winemaking is traditional, natural and respectful. We use the native yeast that grows on the grapes. Our fermentations are kept cool to preserve the flavors of the vineyards. Everything possible is done to preserve the flavors, not manufacture them. Read more about A Mano →

Abiqua Wine Vineyard

If you are passionate about the quality of your wine and the care undertaken in its creation - a lasting relationship will be forged. Embracing a complete commitment to excellence, reverence for the land and a Puritan work ethic, each creation is offered with unparalleled joy. Read more about Abiqua Wine Vineyard →

Az. Agricola Stroppiana

Stroppiana is owned by Dario and Stefania Stroppiana; we take care of every production process, from vineyard to cellar. For as long as the size of the estate allows, it is our desire that the business continue to be an exclusively family run concern. This reflects our intention to dedicate meticulous attention to every production phase. We look forward to seeing the participation and enthusi...

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Baracchi Winery

Baracchi has 22 hectares (around 50 acres) of vineyards located in three separate locations.  What all have in common is optimum sun exposure around noon. Our choice of wine grapes was determined in part by plant leaves and rind thickness and their ability to adapt to the sometimes adverse weather conditions in each vineyard's unique microclimate.  

We established our winery in Sa...

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Beau Joubert

Great wines start in the vineyard and are refined in the cellar. At BEAU JOUBERT skill, dedication and passion combine with traditional winemaking techniques and sophisticated technology to produce high-quality wines. State-of-the-art equipment assists winemaker Christian Kuun in creating these world-class wines. Our cellar has the capacity to press some 400 tons of grapes using storage vessels c...

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Benson Vineyards Estate Winery

It's all about the wine here at Benson Vineyards Estate Winery and we feel we have the perfect setting...from the quietness of the first morning sun, to the dramatic sunset in the evening. You will not find a more beautiful and relaxing area in Lake Chelan! Read more about Benson Vineyards Estate Winery →

Boeri Wines

In the charming hamlet of Bionzo, Costigliole d'Asti, the Boeri estate has been producing wine since 1890. The vineyards extend over the Bricco Quaglia hill, which offers the perfect terroir for cultivating grapes of the highest quality. Read more about Boeri Wines →

Boutique Imports

At Boutique Imports we carefully choose each of our Italian wines based on a philosophy of the highest standards for quality and value. We offer a unique selection of small batch wines from family-owned wineries that still craft wines by hand. Read more about Boutique Imports →

Bowlus Hills

We are fortunate to work with a wide range of grape varieties and vineyard sources. Each vineyard and grape variety has a unique character that contributes to the quality, complexity and balance of our individual wines. Each vineyard and grape variety is hand-crafted separately. We conduct rigorous blending trials that combine discipline and creativity to produce wines that are greater than the su...

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Cantina Altarocca

Decades of passion for wines and great wine culture of the “Al Molino Gualtieri” agricultural enterprise have enabled the creation of our Cantina Altarocca winery, located on the slopes of the Rocca Ripesena spur of volcanic tufa, less than five kilometers from the historic town of Orvieto. 

In the production process, only grapes coming from the vineyards belonging to the enterprise...

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Cantina Ariano

The Ariano family started making their wines using organic agricultural methods in 1997. In 2005, their historical farm was equipped with a new modern production building and Cantina Ariano was born. What anchors the vineyard’s policy is the quality of production and service together with minimal impact on the environment. Combining the precepts of family tradition with the most advanced technol...

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Cantina di Mogoro

The Cantina di Mogoro is located in Sardinia, in the province of Oristano, and in an area named Alta Marmilla. Its wines are exported and appreciated worldwide and important international awards prove many years of profitable activity. The winery is known for the enhancement of the unique Semidano grape, from which two highly appreciated wines are produced: the Puisteris and Anastasia. Read more about Cantina di Mogoro →

Cantine Del Notaio

On the slopes of Monte Vulture, Cantine Del Notaio grows the ancient Aglianico grape that becomes our fine wines.  The first wine grape to be cultivated in southern Italy, it was brought to us by Greek settlers, celebrated by the Latin poet Horace, and has flourished here ever since.  One reason for its success can be felt in our unique climate; warm Mediterranean sun in the growing season mode...

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Cardinal Rule

Over 30 years ago, the Scharfs planted the very first grapes in their family vineyard in picturesque Dry Creek Valley, California, just North of Sonoma. From its humble beginnings, the vineyard has continuously produced high quality grapes, produced in small quantities and cared for greatly. Read more about Cardinal Rule →

Cascina La Ghersa

Cascina La Ghersa (the Ghersa Farmhouse) is in the very heart of the region most renowned for the production of Barbera d'Asti. The Farmhouse is the core of our company, situated in the hills between Monferrato and Moasca Nice, overlooking the "Valley of Nice". The combination of soil quality and climate here that leads the most authoritative experts to recognize this area as the true 'heart'...

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Castillo de Feliciana

It is our belief that the vines will speak for themselves, we collaborate with the land. Our wines have a sense of place. They are the summation of the geology, geography, climate and the culture of those who tend the land. This is the Spanish idea of elaborar. Our culture is one of a Spanish, or Latin American mind set. It is one of hedonism; of enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Enjoying abo...

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Cooper's Creek

Coopers Creek has been a true pioneer in New Zealand, introducing Adventurous wine styles that have flourished in our soil and stimulated our palates. Our multi-award winning Albarino is the embodiment of this innovative spirit. Our wines are expertly crafted from grapes grown with care and dedication in New Zealand's best winegrowing regions. You'll find our wines available around the world, fro...

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Daldin Spumanti

Starting from Valdobbiadene and descending to the banks of the Piave, our Daldin vineyards can be seen; founded in 1960 by Guiseppe Dal Din and his wife Lena.  These passionate winemakers passed their skill and passion on to their daughter Norma.  She, working closely with her husband Richard, has overseen our entire production chain from the care of the vineyards to table ready wines, in kee...

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De Tarczal

Our vineyards were once the land of the ancient and illustrious Count Alberti family, which included one of the prince bishop of trento, and came into possession of my family over a century ago.

The land was part of the dowry of countess ALBERTI when she married Gèza DELL'ADAMI de TARCZAL, admiral of the Royal Austro-Hungarian Fleet, and my direct ancestor.

Our wine production...

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Enoteca Pontevecchio

My wine choices reflects my mission to find wines with fantastic flavors, rare character and great value in Italy. My passion is to select unknown autochtone, authentic regional grape varieties with exquisite flavors. It is like tasting different food, you will like some of them and not some other. But they all have meaning and a lot of history; considering that in Italy there are more than 500 di...

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Our estate, Azienda Agricola Ferreri, covers 50 hectares (about 120 acres) on different hillsides from 250 - 500 meters above sea level thus capturing the tastes and flavors of different climates. Our specially selected grapes arrive at the winery to be crushed and then vinified combining advanced methods and technologies with the most traditional Sicilian wine tradition. The wine is stored i...

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Fossa Mala

A modern wine with ancient beginnings. Tradition for us has never been a barren nostalgia for the past, but rather a genuine basis for setting an achieving new targets with competence and innovation. Read more about Fossa Mala →

Gatti Piero

The wine farm lies on Moncucco hill, a zone that has been regarded for many years for Moscato wine production. The farm was founded in 1988 by Piero Gatti, a man who loved his work and was very attached to the land and its tradition. Today it is still managed by his family and they continue to produce wines of excellent quality. This is the result of careful selection of the grapes and precise win...

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Gecko Wine Company

Gecko wine company LLC is a distributor of NW wines, specializing in Washington wines. Gecko Wine company LLC also has its own winery that has three brands. The first brand created was Gecko Cellars and was focused on value, as it was created during the recession. The Lions Oak label was created from the Sherman Crest, which has a lion and three oak leaves. This wine is the reserve label of ...

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Glennhawk Vineyards is a labor of love for our family. We planted our vineyard on the hill below our home in 2004 with the idea that we wanted to grow high quality grapes and produce great tasting wine for our family, neighbors, and friends. We harvested our first vintage in 2007 and hired Kevin Vecchiarelli, a well-known winemaker in the Napa Valley, to make the wine for us. It was a pleasant sur...

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Holloran Vineyard Wines

HVW produces small quantities of handcrafted wine from premium vineyard sites in Oregon's Willamette Valley. We emphasize low yields and careful hands-on management of the vines to produce wines that express the unique characteristics of our vineyard sites. Currently we are producing 3,000 - 4,000 cases per year. Read more about Holloran Vineyard Wines →

Kana Winery

Kana is a native word for the spirit or the fire within a mountain, in reference to the perceived supernatural power of volcanic activity. The Yakima and Columbia Valleys are awash with volcanic soil influences, providing terroir from the millennia of ”Kana“ escaping from nearby volcanic mountains, to lay resting as soil for our world-class vineyards. Read more about Kana Winery →


The cultivation of the vines, in trellis-work or in guyot style, allow the grapes, mainly garganega of soave, to grow to their best advantage, and, thanks to the volcanic soil typical of the zone, features of the white grapes are consequently intensified. The fruit is chosen carefully and only the best is selected to make the vineyard’s most prestigious wines. Read more about Leonello →

Lodmell Cellars

Lodmell Vineyards is dedicated to growing the highest quality fruit that our terroir can produce. By maturing our vineyard slowly by limiting vegitative growth and crop loads, we have created ideal conditions that will enable us to consistently produce fruit bearing complex flavors and intense color. Read more about Lodmell Cellars →

Maestri Vignaioli

Maestri Vignaioli means "Master Winemakers". We are a group of Italian winemaking families who share similar philosophies about vineyard management and wine production. We have come together to share unique wine varieties from our respective regions throughout Italy. Our wineries are small, independent, and family run. We produce low yield, high quality wines using traditional hand harvesting me...

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The terroir

Right in the middle of the long chain of the Appennini mountains, facing the Adriatic Sea, lies the Marche region. The flat and sandy coast suddenly rises and becomes rocky, becoming a mountain, Monte Conero: 600 metres of white rock with a sheer drop to the sea. From the sea: beaches inaccessible from the mainland, rocks, stacks, seagulls and herons - circling and hun...

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Martedi Wines

We feel that Washington State vineyards hold a distinction that is gaining worldwide attention and gives us the opportunity to make unique wines. Our goal is to let each vineyard and varietal guide the resulting wine. We will always let the grape display their individual qualities from vintage to vintage. Read more about Martedi Wines →

Michael Florentino Cellars

Michael Florentino Cellars is a small artisan winery, located in Woodinville Washington. Our focus is to produce balanced wines, which are fruit forward with an earthy or lightly spiced mid pallet, and enough tannins to make a nice, smooth finish. We like to experiment with unique grape varietals from some of the top vineyards in the state. We select each vineyard based on the micro-climate tha...

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Monte Tondo

The Monte Tondo vineyard can be found nestling in the gentle hills of Soave just a few kilometers from Verona on a slope overlooking the valley.

Three generations of us have handed down the precious art of wine-making, born from a love for our land and our roots together with the knowledge that it is only through hard work, drive and determination that the best results can be obtained.


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Naches Heights Vineyard

The unique volcanic soils in Washington State’s newest wine growing region and AVA (American Viticultural Area) , Naches Heights, combined with our vineyards’ unusually high elevation enable us to grow grapes unlike any others. You’ll enjoy the taste of our award-winning NHV wines. You’ll also have a genuine experience you won’t find anywhere else. Read more about Naches Heights Vineyard →

Naked Winery

At Naked Winery, "We aim to Tease"! We are on a mission to cut America's divorce rate in half by encouraging people to reconnect with each other by sharing a glass of wine nightly. We produce premium class Oregon and Washington wines, with exotic brands and provocative back labels that are just a bit risqué. We strive to change the conversation and encourage you to set the mood of romance and fun. Read more about Naked Winery →

Northwest Cellars

Northwest Cellars' wines consistently win awards in competitions all across the country, often beating out wines that are considerably more expensive and much better known. You can order our wines with our label, but we also offer the option of custom wine bottle labels on any of our wines. We have done special labels for corporate gifts, non-profit events, hotels, restaurants, private clubs, bir...

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Redd Brand by Tertulia Cellars

A second label from Tertulia Cellars, Redd Brand offers premium wine at budget prices, in the style and quality you've come to expect from Tertulia. Read more about Redd Brand by Tertulia Cellars →

Rigoloccio Wines

The company Rigoloccio is an estate of aproximately 23 hectares (about 47 acres) in the foothills of the Maremma.  We overlook the spectacular Gulf of Follonica and the island of Elba and benefit from the softening effect the island has on the sea breezes that come to us off the gulf.  Our wines are made under the aegis of Marie and Pierre Guillaume (agronomist) and Fabrizio Moltard (winemake...

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Rubinelli Vajol

The land of Vajol is located in the center of Valpolicella. But let us begin with Gaetano Rubinelli, the founder of our family, which has lived in Valpolicella for generations. After having planned and built the Chievo Dam along the River Adige (thus supplying electricity to all the Verona industries in the beginning of the century), Gaetano Rubinelli bought this lovely country place, fasc...

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The Salida brand is dedicated to the indigenous grapes of Spain and Portugal, grown in the vineyards of Washington State. We are a boutique winery with artisan winemaker Doug McCrea using hand-crafted and traditional winemaking methods. The hallmark of Salida is great fruit depth and vivid complexity in your wine glass. We feature prominent varietals originating in Spain and Portugal including ...

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Selva Capuzza

The Colli a Lago Cellar, the heart of Selva Capuzza, dates from 1908, when Count Bonmartini founded the original cellar which he named "Hirundo". This name creatively reflected the link between the migrations of the swallows (Hirundos) and the two most important dates of a winemaker’s year. The swallow's departure for warmer climates in September signals harvest time for the grapes, and t...

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Smasne Cellars

Smasne Cellars is a boutique winery located in the heart of Washington’s wine country and led by Robert O. Smasne, one of the Columbia Valley’s most prolific winemakers. We are committed to making wines with dimension and varetial expression; wines that allow the characters and terroir of Washingtons best vineyards to shine. Read more about Smasne Cellars →


The summer and winter solstices have long been marked with celebrations, festivals and rituals to recognize the change of seasons and the Earth’s rebirth. We invite you to share in this ancient celebration and enjoy one of nature’s finest gifts — a lovingly handcrafted wine. Read more about Solsticio →

St. Josef's Winery

Planted in 1978, St Josef’s is one of the pioneer wineries in the Northwest and one of the first 25 in Oregon. A high level of detail along with our sustainability provides us a canvas to create a better bottle of wine – food friendly, with subtle upfront fruit and long finishes. And we are always striving to make the next vintage the best one yet. Read more about St. Josef's Winery →

Sweet Cheeks Winery

Nestled in the Southern Willamette Valley, Sweet Cheeks winery has made a mark with award-winning wines, friendly wine servers and a beautiful view from the patio. We opened our doors on Thanksgiving weekend 2005 and have continued to provide delicious wines in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. Open every day year-round you can walk through our doors and enjoy complimentary tastings while chatting wit...

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Tenuta di Collosorbo

The Collosorbo Tenuta has its roots in the past, roots that are alive and tangible tutt 'today, in' atmosphere in the vineyards, whose operations are carried out strictly by hand all, for the most part by the same hands who deal since more than twenty years; in the cellar, where the wine aromas and wood come together in a harmony; in Villa, where the centuries-old walls ooze history, the same stor...

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Terre Margaritelli

Since 1870, the Margaritelli family has associated our name and history with the unique nature of this land, a region fortunate in its environment and artistry, backed by a rich tradition of mysticism and sacred character.From our determination to infuse products with the worth and genuineness of the land, in synergy with the passion and creativity that for decades has inspired and distinguishe...

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Tertulia Cellars

Tertulia is a Spanish word meaning "a social gathering of friends." We chose this name because we believe there is no better way to enjoy a fine bottle of wine than amongst friends. At Tertulia Cellars, our focus is to make wines of quality and distinction from the finest vineyards in both the Columbia and Walla Walla Valleys. Read more about Tertulia Cellars →

Tre Donne

The Lequio family has been making wine since 1850, and over recent years has grown by purchasing and leasing vineyards in the Barolo, Roero and Gavi winegrowing areas so as to be able to offer its clientele - especially its export customers - a complete range of Piedmontese wines. Today this long-established winemaking tradition is carried forward by three sisters (Rosanna-Daniela-Antonella) with ...

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Wilridge Winery

Founded in 1988, Wilridge Winery is the oldest continuously operated winery in Seattle. In 2007 Wilridge planted its own estate vineyard on Naches Heights near Yakima. Winemaker Paul Beveridge has been making Wilridge wines for over twenty years. Right from the beginning, Paul has focused on wines that reflect the "terroir" of their vineyard sites rather than current fashion or the latest winema...

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Zerba Cellars

Zerba Cellars is an Oregon winery located in the heart of the Walla Walla Valley. We produce approachable, food friendly wines that showcase the fruit without compromising the wine's structure and overall balance. We have three estate vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley. Each was planted to take advantage of the Walla Walla Valley's unique soil types and elevations. Our Jon Cockburn Ranch Vineyard...

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