The terroir

Right in the middle of the long chain of the Appennini mountains, facing the Adriatic Sea, lies the Marche region. The flat and sandy coast suddenly rises and becomes rocky, becoming a mountain, Monte Conero: 600 metres of white rock with a sheer drop to the sea. From the sea: beaches inaccessible from the mainland, rocks, stacks, seagulls and herons - circling and hunting for fish. To the west, at sunset, Monte Conero is covered by a forest of holm oaks, oaks, pines, myrtle and arbitus: the Mediterranean scrub with all its splendour. Here the hills lose their natural disposition from the west to east forming a triple crown around the mountain. Calcareous rocks, sandy silt, and clayey mix in the earth around the mountain are the origin of the special characteristics of the Conero wines.

In the vineyard

Not too far below Offagna hill, dominated by an impressive medieval fortress, the Grigiano hill rises: steep and green, covered with vineyards and olive groves, wheat and sunflowers, surrounded by a frame of elms, oaks, hawthorn hedges, rosehip and mulberry hedgerows. Here, at the foot of Conero mountain, the vineyards have been planted, facing the Aspi Creek that flows out to sea. Generous vines of Montepulciano variety, always present in our territory, make up the ancient vineyards of native variety for a wine which gives character to the Conero territory.

The first 9 hectares, planted in 1971, were cultivated to guyot: 2,200 plants per hectare. Today they are considered the grandparents of our vineyards and, like old sages, they bear little fruit, but of excellent quality with a yield varying between 30 to 40 quintals of grapes per hectares (2500 - 3500 lbs per acre ) about 3 pounds per vine.

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