Rubinelli Vajol

The land of Vajol is located in the center of Valpolicella. But let us begin with Gaetano Rubinelli, the founder of our family, which has lived in Valpolicella for generations. After having planned and built the Chievo Dam along the River Adige (thus supplying electricity to all the Verona industries in the beginning of the century), Gaetano Rubinelli bought this lovely country place, fascinated by its perfect setting and location in the heart of Valpolicella. Since then, Vajol has produced grapes for the best cellars in Valpolicella, only making wine out of a small selection of the harvests.

In 2006 we decided to begin our own production of wine and thus our dream of expressing the delicacy and excellence of the product of our land came true! We grow high quality grapes thanks to growth and maturation in an ideal setting; the soil, the sun, and the gentle climate and soft breezes of Conca del Vajol. Here our two main pillars were born; Amarone, and Valpolicella Classico Superiore.

The charm of our country house and cellars, of the Corte of Sant'Anna and the Village of Vajol; the hills covered in vineyards, defined by brick walls, decorated by olive, cherry and almond trees is the very essence of Valpolicella's classical beauty.

Our delicious wine, sublime nectar produced by our grapes, contains a sweet secret stored in the heart of Valpolicella; a slow maturation time during which our grapes are kissed by the sun and protected by the rolling hills. The best grapes then rest and enjoy sleepy dreams inside great cherry barrels in the cool cellar built into the side of the mountain.

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