Rigoloccio Wines

The company Rigoloccio is an estate of aproximately 23 hectares (about 47 acres) in the foothills of the Maremma.  We overlook the spectacular Gulf of Follonica and the island of Elba and benefit from the softening effect the island has on the sea breezes that come to us off the gulf.  Our wines are made under the aegis of Marie and Pierre Guillaume (agronomist) and Fabrizio Moltard (winemaker) who grasped the potential of this terroir for fine wine grapes.  All wines are characterized by a minerality and flavor made distinctive by the richly textured land high in micro elements.  The name Rigoloccio derives from an ancient mine which has its entrance next to the vineyards.

A cellar of the highest order, at Rigoloccio our philosophy is to produce wines of high and very high quality, characterized by finesse and elegance while keeping the price accessible.  To enhance the value of the grapes, which are all handpicked, we keep production of grapes per vine below 800 grams, and cool them from about 30-35 degrees C to 12-16 degrees C so as not to lose valuable primary scents.  Harvest is in early to mid-September, and wine making proceeds using state of the art equipment.  

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