Cantina Altarocca

Decades of passion for wines and great wine culture of the “Al Molino Gualtieri” agricultural enterprise have enabled the creation of our Cantina Altarocca winery, located on the slopes of the Rocca Ripesena spur of volcanic tufa, less than five kilometers from the historic town of Orvieto. 

In the production process, only grapes coming from the vineyards belonging to the enterprise are used. These vineyards extend to 11 hectares in the core of the Orvieto Classico area, at the altitude of 350m.  The terrain is rich in clay and tufa; porous calcium carbonate stone which acts as a water reservoir for the extensive roots of the vines to draw from in the dry season. 

Our method at Cantina Altarocca is to create a balanced blend of technology and tradition.  We combine experimental research and modern equipment with meticulous application of hundreds of years of wine making techniques.  Only select grapes at the perfect point of ripeness are picked manually and taken to the winery in small cases.  This guarantees that whole bunches arrive at the winery, which undergo an additional inspection and culling before pressing.  We grow Merlot, Canaiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc for our red wines, and Grechetto, Procanico, Malvasia and Chardonnay for our whites.

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