Baracchi Winery

Baracchi has 22 hectares (around 50 acres) of vineyards located in three separate locations.  What all have in common is optimum sun exposure around noon. Our choice of wine grapes was determined in part by plant leaves and rind thickness and their ability to adapt to the sometimes adverse weather conditions in each vineyard's unique microclimate.  

We established our winery in San Martino. Here the land is at an altitude of about 300m and is sandy and well drained. The vines of Syrah and Sangiovese wines grown here produce elegant ethereal scents. Gabbiano is half way between Cortona and Montepulciano with soils derived from the sea with remnants of the Pliocene clay and limestone. The wines produced from these vineyards are of great structure, very complex, savory and wide ranging. This is where we produce Syrah and Cabernet. Montanare in Val d'Esse was described by Polybius as the valley "long and narrow".  It is here that the second Punic War was fought, when Hannibal led the Carthaginians in ambush to defeat the Roman army of Flaminio. It is a pristine, sunny valley surrounded by woods. Our vineyards of Sangiovese and Merlot with Pinot Noir grown here express themselves to their fullest with great structure and scents. Here also lies the vineyard of Trebbiano, implanted more than 40 years ago.  The vines established for so many years are vigorous and produce an elegant wine with a notable minerality. The property is located on the hill adjacent to Baracchi Cortona and the winery has a marvelous view of the charming Valdichiana under the Tuscan sun.  

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