Cascina La Ghersa

Cascina La Ghersa (the Ghersa Farmhouse) is in the very heart of the region most renowned for the production of Barbera d'Asti. The Farmhouse is the core of our company, situated in the hills between Monferrato and Moasca Nice, overlooking the "Valley of Nice". The combination of soil quality and climate here that leads the most authoritative experts to recognize this area as the true 'heart' of the production area for Barbera d'Asti wine.

Our vineyards have increased in size over the year to 22 hectares (about 53 acres). Another key area of growth for us is research. We study our soil, our microclimate and the genetics of our vines with the technology of today in order to better preserve the flavors and aromas that the earth and the vines give us.

The excellent quality of the wines of Cascina La Ghersa depends on the maturity, health and quality of the grapes grown in our vineyards. So we nurture our vines with a careful eye on several essential factors: the high average age of the historic vineyards, plant density of at least 5,000 plants per hectare and farming practices which include optimum pruning, the grassing of vineyards, and strict, rigorous selection of grapes by green pruning and thinning. This combination of traditional farming methods with modern winemaking techniques is part of our fervent dedication to the production of a Barbera d'Asti more than worthy of the name and the region, here in the Valley of Nice.

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