Cantine Del Notaio

On the slopes of Monte Vulture, Cantine Del Notaio grows the ancient Aglianico grape that becomes our fine wines.  The first wine grape to be cultivated in southern Italy, it was brought to us by Greek settlers, celebrated by the Latin poet Horace, and has flourished here ever since.  One reason for its success can be felt in our unique climate; warm Mediterranean sun in the growing season moderated by cool breezes that come to us across the Adriatic sea.

The soils and underlying rock of this extinct volcano of the Apennine Mountain Range provide the other natural factors which bless and characterize our grapes. Our winery has paid special attention to its choice of vineyards. Our 26 hectares, (approx. 62 acres) are distributed amongst the renowned hillsides in the Monte Vulture area – in the villages of Rionero, Barile, Ripacandida, Maschito and Ginestra – and possess vines more than a hundred years old.  The soils of these villages have a pedoclimate (the combined effects of temperature, water content and aeration in a soil) which, along with our weather conditions, allows for perfect ripening of the grapes.  Below this layer lies tufa rock; porous calcium carbonate stone which acts as a water reservoir for the deep, penetrating roots of the vines during the drier periods of the year.  The locals call this process "milking the tufa".

The grapes are carefully selected and knowledgeably handled and are some of the very latest to be harvested – mid-October to mid-November.  This yields a strong wine with a notable personality, precious ruby red color and complex aromas. Another important asset of Cantine Del Notaio is the wealth of cultural traditions and history unique to our terroir.  Ancient grottoes, carved over time in the tufa, create an underground maze which was used by Franciscan Monks dating back to 1600.  We have revived the use of these natural caves which guarantee exceptional conditions for the aging of wine.  Our French oak barriques thus rest in a perfect natural balance of temperature, humidity and ventilation.   

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