Daldin Spumanti

Starting from Valdobbiadene and descending to the banks of the Piave, our Daldin vineyards can be seen; founded in 1960 by Guiseppe Dal Din and his wife Lena.  These passionate winemakers passed their skill and passion on to their daughter Norma.  She, working closely with her husband Richard, has overseen our entire production chain from the care of the vineyards to table ready wines, in keeping with the best winemaking traditions.

In the last two years our company has lost two emblematic and important people; Richard and Lena.  The company is now directed by Norma and daughter Alessandra. 

The estate lies near Vidor in the renowned San Pietro di Barbozza area. From this generous land come our grapes – the finest of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG, with which we produce our wines.  They are the result of careful work to which we have added experience, technology and passion – which allows us to offer our customers a quality, prestigious product. 

We now have 10 hectares (about 24 acres) of vineyards which has allowed us to plant strategically according to the geological structure of the terroir. Building on this heritage, material and cultural history, the family is set on the international scene for with our wines as well as a commitment to actively promote the image of Italian Prosecco and sparkling wines. 

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