Az. Agricola Stroppiana

Stroppiana is owned by Dario and Stefania Stroppiana; we take care of every production process, from vineyard to cellar. For as long as the size of the estate allows, it is our desire that the business continue to be an exclusively family run concern. This reflects our intention to dedicate meticulous attention to every production phase. We look forward to seeing the participation and enthusiasm for the art of winegrowing blossom in our children. The work is definitely hard; as they say around here "the land is low". But having the opportunity to express our personality and values in our very own products is priceless.

Our vineyards now cover 4.4 hectares, with production of 25,000 bottles a year. Work in the vineyards is characterized by particular attention to the quality of the product. We practice 'sacrificing quantity'; bunches of grapes are selectively thinned in July and August to allow the remaining grapes to ripen in the best possible way. Harvesting begins only when the grapes are perfectly ripe. Soft-pressing is followed by traditional fermentation on skins for a period of 7 to 12 days with frequent pumping over.

We have recently received excellent reviews in wine magazines as well as the press, both in Italy and abroad, as shown in our receiving the 'Certificate of Excellence' awarded by the Espresso wine guide.

The winery currently produces Barolo DOCG "Vigna S. Giacomo", Barolo DOCG "Gabutti Bussia", Barolo DOCG Barbera d'Alba DOC and Dolcetto d'Alba DOC. The Dolcetto is aged in steel vats and bottled in the summer when the weather is hot. For several years now, for our top of the range Barolo, Vigna San Giacomo, we have been using an aging system that is midway between traditional and modern. The Nebbio da Barolo is left in barriques for 15-18 months to allow the malo-lactic fermentation do its work of creating the quality mouth-feel and flavor we are known for. The wine is then blended in French oak barriques where it ages for another year before being bottled, in the summer prior to the year of the wine's release for sale. Our aging system bears Dario's personal touch, with delicious results.

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